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Personalized tote bag and customizable canvas accessories with Mon-Totebag

Discover Mon-Totebag, a website specializing in the personalization of tote bags, bags and various canvas accessories. Since 2017, our young and dynamic team offers you to order personalized tote bags individually or in large quantities whether you are an individual or a professional. We personalize tote bags, bags and accessories through textile printing or embroidery. Personalize your product online directly on our website by adding image(s) and text(s) of your choice. All your orders are personalized and shipped with love in our 100% French workshop in Lyon.

The personalized tote bag : a bag for everyone

The tote bag is an everyday accessory that has become essential in recent years. Light, solid, practical and ecological ; this small cotton bag is a very good alternative to plastic bags. It therefore has all the advantages necessary for daily use by all. But it isn't just a simple cloth bag used for shopping. Once personalized, it's also an advertising item ; a fashion accessory or an original gift idea. Mon-Totebag accompanies you in the personalization of your personalized tote bags individually or in large quantities ; because the personalized tote bag adapts to all projects, all budgets and all audiences.

The personalized tote bag individually, for you or to offer an original gift


The personalized gift has become a must for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. Why ? Quite simply because it's a unique gift that comes from the heart and has been created especially for the person with a nice message or a beautiful photo. The personalized tote bag is one of those original and useful personalized gift ideas that will inevitably please. With Mon-Totebag, you can create a personalized tote bag as a gift or just for you ! Choose from our bags range and customize a single tote bag easily and quickly. The personalized tote bag can then be used daily as a tote bag for shopping or the beach. Get started quickly in personalizing a tote bag !

Customize promotional tote bags for your business


Personalized goodies can be one of the keys to a company's communication. And any company has already thought of personalizing tote bags with their logo on them. As a communication medium for an event ; to advertise a product or to offer good customers... Many reasons can push a company to order quantities of this product that has become mythical and timeless. Mon-Totebag specializes in the marking of tote bags in small, medium and large quantities and can meet all your advertising tote bag screen printing requests. Our prices are decreasing according to the quantity ordered. Take advantage of quality marking for successful communication for your business !

Creators, designers, brands... create tote bags for resale

Are you a designer or have a brand of clothing, accessories or goodies ? Personalizing recycled fabric bags with your designs is a very good idea to offer new products in your collection to your customers ! Create unique tote bags for your customers with quality printing of your designs. Many colors of bags are available and several quality of tote bags are possible. Cotton ; organic cotton ; made in France …. Mon-Totebag also offers many recycled fabric products and everything is personalized in France in our workshop in Lyon. There's no color limit to printing and we offer fast delivery of your order.

Personalized tote bags for your association
Are you part of a charity, sports or student association and want to offer an advertising tote bag to your members so that they convey your image wherever they go ? Goodies personalized with your logo are a great way to communicate about your association. Create a cotton tote bag in the color of your graphic charter, with your logo or a nice design to promote your association. Take advantage of advantageous and decreasing prices according to the quantity ordered. The delivery of your order is fast and the quality marking. So go ahead and create THE promotional bag that your members can use every day to go to the gym or go shopping. No more plastic shopping bags thanks to the eco-friendly recycled tote bag.

Choose your customizable tote bag


Choosing your tote bag isn't an easy task, especially when you don't know very well in this area and you just want to create a cotton bag without taking the lead. Mon-Totebag has thought of everything and gives you the keys to make your choice a success. Discover our customizable bag collection ; available in many ecological materials or not ; in many colors and thicknesses.

Looking for price ? Our cheap personalized tote bag


Are you looking for a customizable canvas bag at an unbeatable price ? We can offer you two products from our collection that meet your needs. The cheap tote bag which, as its name suggests, is at an unbeatable price on the market. As well as the classic tote bag, which has better finishes than the cheap tote bag. These two products with long handles and 100% cotton can be printed with a photo or text. The classic tote bag is available in many colors which can be very practical to highlight a design that's not very colorful, for example.

Opt for ethics with the customizable organic cotton tote bag

Are you looking for ecological tote bags that meet organic standards ? So quickly discover our collection of ecological tote bags in organic cotton. With this range ; not only will plastic be banned from your shopping bags, but you can also brag about being ecological thanks to 100% organic cotton. Three models of bags are available in this range, all with long handles. The organic tote bag in 200g, the thick organic tote bag in 340g and the French organic tote bag in 150g. Choose the one that suits you best based on its thickness and where it comes from. And know that the thick tote bag is available in several hot colors so take advantage of it !

The personalized Made in France tote bag or the ultimate quality

Finally, we also offer a small collection of 100% French tote bags. Personalize a tote bag made and personalized in France thanks to Mon-Totebag ! You have the choice between the Made in France 100% cotton tote bag or the Made in France 100% organic cotton tote bag and they are both the same thickness. Take advantage of a 100% cotton bag made in France : its spinning, weaving and design are carried out in France in professional integration workshops. So go ahead and create a unique design for a unique tote bag to personalize endlessly.

Other customizable fabric bags and accessories

At Mon-Totebag, we love tote bags but we don't just do that ! We also offer a range of bags and accessories other than the tote bag. Discover our other customizable products or to order blank.

Customizable wrislets and pouches


Have you thought about personalizing cases or pouches ? These accessories will simplify your daily life, be sure ! Customizable pencil cases are available in several shapes, different sizes and in many colors. As for the pouches, it's available in no less than six sizes, from the very small dragee pouch to the large storage pouch.

Sports bag, beach bag, backpack to custom


Bags are everyday essentials. We always need it for sports, the beach or even shopping. Our team has selected a range of products especially to make your daily life easier with a bag adapted to your favorite activity. Discover the organic cotton beach bag, the organic cotton sports bag as well. Or the summer bag, an essential for spending the summer : made of canvas and jute in the bottom of the bag, you will appreciate its thickness and its very practical shape. The jute adds a touch of summer that will inevitably make you crack.

Household linen : personalize cushion, tea towel and canvas basket


Do you like to personalize your interior ? Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom… No room escapes your taste for linen and personalized objects ? So quickly discover our range of personalized linens. Start creating a unique cushion with family photos to decorate your living room. Or opt for tea towels printed with your children's drawings.