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Personalized accessories

Fabric accessories are everywhere in our daily lives. In our handbag, in our cupboards, for storage or interior decoration... Fabric products have become an essential part of our daily lives, especially since the climate crisis which banned plastic and all polluting materials. The clothes and textiles we use are more and more ethical, and the accessories of our daily life are often made of canvas. With Mon-Totebag, get up to date by ordering a personalized bag, for example. But the tote bag and the bag are not the only products that we offer you to customize. Indeed, we have also put ourselves up to date by offering you customizable fabric products for your daily life such as pouches; pouches; tea towels or cushions to personalize! Whether you are an individual or a professional, whether for you or to offer to a person you love, for everyday life or for an event, get started in personalizing one of our items directly online. No more shopping trips where you struggle to find the product you are looking for. With the Mon-Totebag offer, you can customize textiles into fabrics directly online. Benefit from attractive prices and fast and free delivery of your order.

Customizable fabric accessories​

Mon-Totebag offers several ranges of very practical and even essential accessories for your daily life. Because we don't only offer customizable tote bags and fabric bags! And as we really want to preserve our beautiful planet, all the items that we offer you to personalize are made of cotton or organic cotton. Choose a cotton canvas textile to customize according to your desires thanks to our online customization system.

Cotton pouches, perfect for storage or travel​

The customizable cotton pouch is an accessory that will quickly become essential to your daily life if you start using it. Our range of pouches is available in six different sizes, from the very small XXS pouch to the very large XL pouch. These items are all 100% cotton with a weight of 140g. The smaller cotton pouches can be useful for storing small objects such as jewelry or nails for example. And the larger sizes of pouches can be used as dirty laundry bags on the go or as storage bags in your closets. The medium-sized pouches can be very practical as a toiletry bag for travelling. Opt for a customizable print pouch with a first name, an image or a photo! Store, store or transport things of all sizes with this cotton textile that will become your first choice for everyday life.

Custom zipped pouches​

The zipped pouch is the essential accessory for any handbag. Because we have to admit ladies, the bigger our handbag, the more mess it is in it and you will never find anything. The personalized pouch will be very useful for storing the essentials of your handbag: keys, bank card, pen, lipstick... In short, everything you use on a daily basis. And when you're out shopping and you have to take out your bank card regularly, there's nothing more unpleasant than having to empty your bag each time because you can't find what you want in it. With Mon-Totebag, create personalized pockets online with a first name; a baby picture or whatever you want! The personalized pouch (the organic cotton model) is available in natural (off-white), pastel pink and black. Looking for a personalized gift idea for children ? It can also be a very good gift idea for a little girl if you opt for the pink organic cotton pencil case with her first name printed in the center. No more hassles during shopping trips thanks to these small personalized pockets that you won't be able to let go.

The personalized tea towel, a bestseller in our accessories range​

The customizable tea towel is clearly the bestseller among all the accessories to be personalized. No more old ugly dish towel that you can no longer look in the face! Gone is the old plaid cleaning cloth your grandma gave you. Personalize a tea towel with a photo of your beloved child, a first name or an image that makes you happy. The personalized tea towel can also be a very good gift idea for someone close to you. Or a funny gift for your teenager to encourage him to do the dishes more often! In short, customizing a tea towel is an incredible idea, whether for yourself or as a gift. No more shopping trips looking for original tea towels that are out of the ordinary and that will brighten up your kitchen. With Mon-Totebag, all you have to do is customize your future tea towel online super easily. You will be able to take advantage of an attractive price and a fast and free delivery of your order. Are you a professional and want to order tea towels with your logo in large quantities ? Contact us quickly for a tailor-made quote!

A unique cushion to decorate your interior​

Have you thought about getting into the personalization of a printed cushion ? Mon-Totebag offers you to personalize an off-white cushion of size 40 x 40 cm thanks to digital printing. No more endless shopping trips looking for original cushions to decorate your living room or bedroom. Make the choice easy thanks to the online personalization of Mon-Totebag. Your old pattern cushion will look dull and uninteresting after you receive your personalized cushion.

Fabric advertising accessories​

Professionals in all fields are fond of advertising products of all kinds. Advertising shopping bag ; advertising tote bag ; promotional clothing ; advertising textiles of all kinds… Printing your custom logo on a product is always ideal for communicating about your company. Mon-Totebag is your perfect ally for your textile printing. Take advantage of price promotions if you are a pro and want to order in large quantities. Indeed, our prices are decreasing from 6 pieces ordered. Our offer can only satisfy you : attractive prices, fast and free delivery, quality products. Contact us quickly for a tailor-made quote !