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Personalized dragee pouches

Dragees are small sweets that have become almost essential when you celebrate happy events in your life. Indeed, many ceremonies are accompanied by dragees of all kinds: a small gourmet gift that is offered to all the guests, it is always a pleasure! Take care of the guests of your ceremony by offering them a personalized and original dragee box, which they can keep even after having completely tasted the bag of dragees that you gave them as a gift.

Mon-Totebag offers you its cotton pouch in size XXS or XS, which you can use as a personalized dragee container for all your events. Make your loved ones happy with a dragee bag model in ethical, reusable and original cotton. Personalize the cotton pouch with the text of your choice: first name, date of the event and reason if you wish. You can also add a small pink, white or blue ribbon around the sachet to dress it up, or even add gauze or a colored satin fabric inside the pouch to make it even more chic! In short, there are many choices available to you to create a personalized dragee container that will make an impression.

Sweets for all occasions​

Sugared almonds are a tradition in happy events in our country. But where does this tradition of offering sugared almonds as gifts to our guests come from ? For which ceremonies is it advisable to offer them ? A little history and some explanations around dragees are necessary for you to understand better.

What are sugared almonds ? Where do they come from ?​

Dragees are confectionery consisting of a hard sugar-coated core. They are offered as gifts in a container during various ceremonies such as a wedding, a baptism, a communion or a birthday. In ancient Greek, the dragee comes from the term "tragema" which meant "delicacy" and which was served at the end of the meal, as a dessert. But the dragee was really created in France, in the 13th century, by an Apothecary of Verdun who decided to coat almonds with honey and sugar and cook them together to create this unique confectionery : the dragee.

When to offer sugared almonds to your guests ?​

Dragees are traditionally offered during happy life events that are celebrated with family and friends : baptism, wedding, communion or birthday. They are always offered as a gift to the guests of the event in a ballotin, which is often personalized especially for the ceremony according to a theme or a specific color. For the baptism of a little girl, for example, it is common to create a ballotin of dragees personalized with a pink ribbon or a fabric with a liberty pattern in linen or satin. It happens that the godmother or the godfather of the baptism takes care of the theme of the baptism and the creation of the personalized ballotins. For a wedding, it is common to create a classy pouch model with a sober color such as white or pink and a satin or linen ribbon to close the pouch.

Create unique dragee containers​

Dragees cannot be offered without a container at a wedding, baptism or communion. A ballotin, a box, a pouch or a sachet is therefore essential. And what better than to offer a personalized and original box to offer gifts that everyone will remember ?

The cotton dragee pouch​

Mon-Totebag offers you its cotton dragee pouch that can be personalized according to your tastes. Available in two sizes (XXS and XS), make your choice according to the quantity of dragees that you wish to put in the ballotin. Personalize the sachet according to the theme of the wedding, baptism or communion you are organizing. For the communion of a little girl, opt for an off-white pouch with a pink fabric ribbon for example ! You can also add an even more personalized touch by adding a liberty print linen fabric inside the bag. Or custom color labels. Choose an off-white cotton model for your dragee container to offer your guests a personalized and original box with very good treats inside !

Easy, fast and qualitative customization​

The personalization of our cotton bags is very simple and effective. Simply go to the product page of the model you are interested in and click on the "Add to cart" button to access online customization. You can then embark on a personalized creation of sugared almond boxes. 100% customizable bags with a liberty motif for example, or with the text of your choice : first name, message, date of the event. You can also add a heart or any text element to your design. A little heart between the two first names of the bride and groom for wedding favor boxes is a very good idea! You are the future godmother for a baptism and you want to start creating personalized bags with text or a heart or a liberty motif ? Don't hesitate any longer and get started, it's quick and easy. You can also add gauze or labels to the bags to offer guests a unique personalized creation. The printing of ballotins is without any color limit with Mon-Totebag. You can therefore print text in various colors, a photo or the motifs of your choice.

Why choose Mon-Totebag for your personalized dragee pouches ?​

Mon-Totebag is your ideal supplier of dragee containers. For what ? Quite simply because we offer you a quality service, fast and with which you will not be disappointed. First, our prices are attractive and above all, our prices are decreasing according to the quantities ordered. From 6 identical pieces, you automatically benefit from decreasing and attractive prices. In addition, all our prints are 100% Made in France and of high quality. And finally, we offer fast and free delivery of your order. We know how important it is for you to receive your sugared almond ballotins on time for your wedding, for the baptism or for your child's communion. With Mon-Totebag, you have a guarantee of on-time delivery, even if you order at the last moment. So do not hesitate any longer and order your dragee boxes quickly to benefit from attractive prices and fast and free delivery.