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Blank tote bag

The tote bag has become, for several years, a real must in our daily lives. Used in everyday life by a large number of people, this fabric tote bag is as useful as it can be a fashion accessory or a communication tool. Light and practical, the tote bag accompanies you during your shopping, a shopping trip or to carry your work things for example. Personalized or not, Mon-Totebag offers you a whole range of canvas bags at unbeatable prices, for a single piece or for a large number of pieces. Whether you are a professional looking for blank tote bags to then personalize them with a logo on your own, or an individual who wants a colored cotton tote bag without printing, Mon-Totebag is there to offer you what you are looking for. .

Which tote bag to choose ?​

Choosing your tote bag is not an easy task. Indeed, you can find absolutely everything on the market and the choice is far from obvious when you don't know too much about it. At Mon-Totebag alone, no less than 8 bag models are available to you, customizable or not. Size of the tote bag, short or long handles, cotton tote bag or organic cotton tote bag, origin, weight, color... Many elements come into play during this crucial choice. This is why we have taken the time to explain to you a little more in detail the different products that we offer in our range of blank tote bags.

Choose the size and composition of the tote bag​

First of all, start by knowing the desired size of the tote bag you are going to order. In principle, the standard size of a tote bag is 38 x 42 cm, with a capacity of 10 liters most of the time. Almost all our tote bags have this format, except for the small tote bag which, as its name suggests, is smaller with dimensions of 25 x 31 cm and a capacity of 4 litres. Also pay attention to the size of the handles. Most bags have about 60cm long handles that allow you to carry it over your shoulder. For the small tote bag on the other hand, the handles are short and only allow it to be carried by hand. But the format is very nice and you will appreciate this little tote bag if it is intended to be offered at an event with goodies inside, or even as a bag for the little ones! Regarding the material, most tote bags are made of cotton canvas. But it happens that some tote bags are made of jute ; such as our summer tote bags. This shopping bag is made of cotton on the upper part of the bag, and jute on the lower part. This allows it to be ultra resistant and above all, it gives it the look of a beach bag absolutely perfect for the beach and summer outings.

Cotton tote bag or organic cotton tote bag ?​

Cotton or organic cotton tote bag ? For this choice, you are the only master of what you will choose! Some prefer to opt for the affordable price with the cotton bag ; and others prefer to favor the Organic 100 and GOTS certification of organic cotton tote bags. At Mon-Totebag, three models of tote bags are made of organic cotton: the 200g organic tote bag, the 340g organic tote bag (thicker is the premium quality of the tote bag) and the Made in France organic tote bag.

Light weight or heavy weight ?​

Let's talk about weight. The grammage, concretely, is the thickness of the bag. It's up to you to choose according to the future use of your tote bag. The entry-level weight will be 140g. It is sufficient if your bag is not intended to carry heavy things. In our range, you can then orient yourself towards the cheap tote bag or the classic tote bag. If you are looking for a very thick and resistant bag to carry books or heavy things, don't look long and go for the thick organic tote bag, which weighs 340g. You won't have any bag cracking problems with this model, we guarantee it. Finally, if you are looking for something in between, opt for the 200g organic tote bag instead. It is durable and will work well for many people.

Choose Made in France​

Have you noticed our range of Made in France tote bags ? If you are looking for local manufacturing, a short circuit and a product with a low carbon footprint, then opt for one of the two tote bags from our Made in France range. A cotton bag and another in organic cotton, both with a weight of 150g. Woven, spun and made in France in ESAT, you will not find better in terms of quality / price ratio on the French tote bag market.

Colors !​

By default, canvas tote bags are natural color i.e. off-white/beige. But other colors are available for most of our products. If you are looking for a customizable color bag to match the colors of your logo for example, take a look at the product pages of our site! For some products, you can order black, navy, pink and many other colors. If you cannot find the color you want on our site, do not hesitate to contact us, we will most likely be able to have it on order. However, be aware that the natural color tote is the one at the most affordable price. Indeed, the colors have a higher price because they require dyeing during manufacture, unlike the off-white color.

Order blank tote bags in bulk​

Are you looking for a blank tote bag set ? Would you like to order unprinted tote bags for a large number of pieces ? A plain unprinted bag can be printed with your logo by you to create an ecological and reusable promotional bag to offer to your customers or employees. Stock up by ordering in batches and at an attractive price thanks to our decreasing prices according to the quantities ordered. Ask quickly for your personalized quote from Mon-Totebag, your ideal supplier of plain fabric bags! You will be able to benefit from a fast and free delivery of your order.

Why choose Mon-Totebag ?​

Mon-Totebag is a supplier of tote bags and other fabric accessories ; but we don't stop there. Indeed, we can provide you with personalized products or not with your logo. We are a flexible supplier with attractive prices and above all, we are very responsive. Whether you order personalized products or not, you will receive your order in record time and can therefore benefit from fast and free delivery. Contact us for a personalized quote to stock up on tote bags.