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Organic Blank Tote Bag : the personalisable, eco-responsible bag

Mon-Totebag is specialised in textile personalisation. We offer a wide range of blank cotton tote bags, a versatile, eco-friendly product that can be customised to suit your needs. Our blank organic cotton bags have many features and benefits that make them suitable for textile personalisation. Thanks to our various options for personalised items and our commitment to the environment, enjoy responsible shopping by opting for our blank organic cotton tote bags.

Blank organic cotton tote bag : the eco-responsible alternative

Blank tote bags made from organic cotton are becoming an increasingly popular trend among environmentally conscious consumers. Made from organic cotton, these bags offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to single-use plastic bags. At Mon-Totebag, we're committed to promoting eco-friendly products, and our organic cotton blank bags are a great example of this. The organic cotton used in our bags is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of its production. What's more, the natural cotton fibres make our tote bags extremely durable, so they can be reused over time.

Mon-Totebag's commitment to the environment

We are very committed to protecting the environment. We use eco-friendly materials to make our cotton tote bag. In addition, our production processes are optimised to reduce our carbon footprint and we ensure that our practices are aligned with sustainable development. By choosing our cotton tote bag, you are contributing to positive social initiatives. In fact, we work with certified suppliers who devote part of their income to paying cotton producers a fair price so that they can reinvest in the sustainable development of their production.

A practical, versatile tote bag

Our natural cotton tote bags are not only eco-friendly and customisable, they're also very practical. With generous capacities, they can hold all your everyday essentials. Whether it's for a day at the beach, a shopping trip or a sports session. They're also a great way to promote your company or brand. And for that, our customisable natural cotton pieces are the ideal option. By offering them as promotional gifts at events, trade fairs or conferences, you're letting your logo or message get across. What's more, as an environmentally-friendly product, they also project a positive image of your company and show your commitment.

Customisation : a bag that reflects your style

As well as being environmentally friendly, our blank natural cotton items can also be personalised to suit your tastes. Whether for personal or promotional use, personalisation adds a unique touch to your bag. Express yourself by choosing from a variety of colours for your personalised tote bag.

Branding and personalisation options

Mon-Totebag offers several customisation options to make your cotton bag the perfect fit for you. Whether you want to print your company logo for a promotional bag or add a creative touch to a personal bag, our personalisation techniques will meet your expectations. We use environmentally friendly inks for our printing, which guarantees a long-lasting, high-quality print on your cotton tote bag. What's more, our team of experts is on hand to help you create a unique, personalised design that reflects your brand image or personal style. For an even higher quality finish, embroidery of your logo or design will make your organic cotton tote bag a truly unique piece of personalisation.

A made-to-measure bag

In fact, personalising our organic cotton blanks goes beyond simply adding logos. You can give free rein to your creativity by choosing from different branding techniques such as digital printing, embroidery, transfer or screen printing. You can select the size, colour and finish to create a completely bespoke bag. Find out more about the different branding techniques available.

Digital printing

This is a very popular technique for personalising blank organic cotton items. This process uses special printers that transfer the image directly onto the bag using environmentally-friendly water-based inks. The advantage of this technique is its quality and price. Our printers are capable of reproducing complex details, colour gradations and high-resolution designs. It is ideal for personalised photo printing or complex designs. As well as the high quality, digital printing also makes personalisation quick and easy, making it a popular option for small quantities of personalised items. For larger quantities, it's also very cost-effective, as our prices are on a sliding scale.


Embroidery is a very old personalisation technique. At Mon-Totebag, we use industrial embroidery machines that enable us to reproduce this personalised embroidery technique in large quantities and very quickly. An embroidery programme is created from your visual and our embroidery machines produce your design all by themselves. This allows us to ensure that each of your visuals, logo or design will be identical. Embroidery adds a touch of quality to personalised tote bags. It is very popular for logos or visuals that require a high-quality, durable finish. Embroidered designs are highly resistant to frequent washing, making them an ideal choice for bags intended for everyday use.

Screen printing

Personalised screen printing is another very popular technique. It involves transferring ink onto the organic cotton bag using a stencil. The stencil is placed on the bag, then the ink is applied and pressed to transfer it to the fabric. Screen printing is appreciated for its durability and ability to print bright colours. It is ideal for logos, simple designs in few colours and can be printed on large sizes. Custom screen printing is also a very economical technique if you order large quantities.

Screen transfer

Transfer printing is a technique in which the design is first printed onto a special paper. The design is then transferred to the organic cotton bag using a heat press. This marking technique is often used for brightly coloured designs. Transfers offer excellent quality and durability.

Whether digital printing, embroidery, screen printing or transfer printing, each of these techniques offers specific advantages for personalising your organic cotton design. The choice of technique will depend on your preferences, the quantity of bags to be personalised and your budget. Our team masters these different techniques and whatever your project, we can offer you high-quality customised tote bags that are always environmentally friendly.

Prices and delivery

We want to offer competitive prices for our customisable organic cotton tote bags. We believe that eco-responsibility should not be synonymous with expensive prices. By choosing our organic cotton blank bags, you're opting for a quality product at an affordable price. When it comes to delivery, we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We cover delivery throughout France and abroad, and we work with reliable delivery partners who guarantee fast, secure delivery.

By choosing a customisable virgin organic cotton tote bag from Mon-Totebag, you're making a responsible choice in favour of the environment. Our bags combine style, durability and customisation to meet your needs, whether for personal use or to promote your business. Contact us for a personalised quote.