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Personalized tote bags

Indispensable for everyday life, we can undoubtedly tell you that the tote bag has become one of our most faithful companions ! Indeed, whether it is to go out to do your shopping, take your things to work or simply go for a walk, the personalized tote bag is useful to us on a daily basis in everyday life. The tote bag is therefore as practical as it's a fashion accessory ! Mon-Totebag offers you to personalize this essential to your image. In order to guarantee you personalized products with quality, all our cotton accessories are 100% personalized in France, in our production workshop in Lyon.

Our different ranges of tote bags to personalize

Making our personalized tote bags accessible to everyone is very important to us. It's for this reason that we have selected for you a wide choice of tote bags with varied construction and quality. All our tote bags are 100% cotton or 100% certified organic cotton. We therefore assure you a quality of manufacture that lives up to your personalization project.

Cheap personalized tote bags

You want to personalize a tote bag but you have a small budget ? Don't worry, we have selected inexpensive customizable tote bag models. Opt for the classic tote bag or the cheap tote bag (it lives up to its name) if you don't want to spend too much money to create your personalized cotton bag. Mon-Totebag doesn't forget small budgets ! This is why we offer you these affordable models which, however, have a quite correct quality. Indeed, these two bag models have a classic weight of 140g on which you can print all your personalization projects without any problem.

Ethical and qualitative tote bags

For higher budgets, we offer a range of more varied models. Quickly discover our range of certified organic cotton tote bags as well as our range of Made in France tote bags. For unfailing resistance, opt for the 340 organic tote bag, a very thick organic cotton bag. Also discover the summer tote bag, a customizable beach bag that will accompany you on all your outings during the summer period. And let's not forget one of our most beautiful pieces : the Made in France tote bag in organic cotton. Spun, woven and designed in ESAT (Work Aid Establishments and Services), this tote bag is the combination of quality design, ethical and eco-responsible production. In short, a professional customization on a quality support.

Customized tote bags in your image

The Mon-Totebag team personalizes your tote bag with a photo that reminds you of a good memory, a message of love that you want to share or a drawing by your child for his beloved grandma. We are specialized in personalized tote bags but also in the creation of personalized gifts for a birthday, for Christmas or for Mother's Day for example. We also personalize advertising tote bags in large quantities for companies, associations or brands. Indeed, we know how to adapt to the requests of individuals as well as professionals, individually or in large quantities.

Advertising tote bags to develop the visibility of your company

You are a company and you want to spread the image of your brand ? One of the best ways is to personalize tote bags to boost your visibility with your potential customers. Trade shows or conferences, offering tote bags at these events is the guarantee of making yourself known and spreading your name to many prospects. This is also an opportunity to offer tote bags to your employees in addition to your customers. We know how important it is to offer welcome packs to your newcomers. Developing your corporate culture is also essential and we are aware of this. That's good, we don't just personalize tote bags but many other cotton bags and accessories. Quickly discover our different product ranges and offer your employees the opportunity to proudly wear your logo on many media. Visit our professional website to order.

Artists, distribute your masterpieces by creating personalized tote bags with your creations

Are you a graphic designer, illustrator, draftsman or simply a budding artist ? We are here for you ! We know the importance of disseminating his work and the pleasure of declining his creations on many media. Do you want to sell your own personalized products or simply offer them to make yourself known ? You are in the right place. We are used to working with many artists and we know the constraints related to the different artistic techniques. Our team of experts will be there to support you throughout the creation process. We will be able to adapt to your requirements so that you can carry out a project in your image.

Wedding tote bag, bachelorette tote bag... Immortalize your happiness with unique cotton bags

Bachelorette party or wedding, we know how important it is to immortalize these events. Our team will be the ideal partner to support you in your personalized tote bag project. Give them to your friends at your bachelorette party ! The tote bag is the perfect accessory to store everything you need for a successful bachelorette party. Games, bracelet or headband, everything fits ! If it's for a wedding, offer your guests beautiful tote bags in the image of your love. The personalized tote bag is an opportunity to make your wedding even more magical by offering this little gift to your guests.

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