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Fabric accessories

As its name suggests, Mon-Totebag is a personalized tote bag site, but not only ! Indeed, we also customize other cotton (or organic cotton) products. On our site, you can choose from customizable bags of all shapes, sizes, weights, types of cotton and colors. But we also offer a range of customizable fabric accessories. Among the cotton accessories to personalize, you will find cushion, tea towel, pencil case, pouch and tote.

Fabric accessories to customize individually or in large quantities​

Our range of fabric accessories is made up of several products selected especially for you. First, for the house, you can personalize a cushion or a tea towel. The tote is also very popular as an empty pocket or decorative object for your interior. Then, to carry your various everyday belongings, discover our range of pouches; different sizes, compositions and shapes are available. Finally, for all your events or just to store things, we offer a range of 100% cotton pouches of various sizes. All accessories are customizable with a photo, logo or text. But you can also order them blank, without personalization. In addition, there is no minimum order with Mon-Totebag. You can customize cotton accessories individually. However, we are able to process larger orders, up to several thousand pieces.

Personalize a tea towel to enjoy the dishwashing chore again

For a personalized gift or just to please yourself, the personalized tea towel will delight you. The tea towel or rag is an essential home accessory. For the dishes or for the household, you will never leave your personalized tea towel with a photo that makes you smile and / or a nice message. Thanks to online customization, create a unique tea towel and quickly enjoy your pretty kitchen accessory thanks to our ultra-fast delivery.

The personalized cushion, an essential to decorate your interior in a unique way​

The cushion is an essential in the decoration of your living room or your bedroom. To decorate your sofa or your bed, you will particularly appreciate our pillow once personalized. Transform your most beautiful moments into a pretty personalized cushion thanks to our prints without limit of colors. Print a cushion with a photo, a drawing by your child or a message. Offer a unique gift thanks to this customizable cushion individually, on one or two sides. Get started quickly in the online creation of a personalized cushion !

Customizable cotton case and pouch : practical, ethical and unique containers​

Personalization is an art that does not adapt to all media. But fabric pockets and pouches are absolutely perfect for holding a first name, a photo or a small personal message. And these everyday accessories are our essentials. Indeed, fabric pouches are very useful as a make-up bag, travel bag or storage pouch inside a handbag. The fabric pouches, on the other hand, will be very useful for storing things or for containing dragees when you celebrate the most beautiful events of your life. Wedding, baptism or even birthday, the dragee pouch is a classic that we like to offer to our guests. The XXS and XS pouches will adapt perfectly to your needs and are very easily customizable thanks to the online customization system of our website.

No inspiration ? Opt for cotton accessories without personalization !​

Don't have any inspiration? Are you looking for non-personalized cotton accessories ? No problem, Mon-Totebag also offers you the tea towel, the cushion, the tote, the pockets and the pouches to order blank and from 1 piece. Take advantage of very interesting and decreasing prices from 6 products ordered. Delivery is fast because we ship your orders of blank products within 24 working hours, regardless of the quantities ordered.

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