Custom made tote bag

Are you a professional looking to create a high-quality fabric bag in large quantities?

Mon-Totebag is the French leader in personalised tote bags and can help you with your made-to-measure fabric bag project.

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A sales team that listens to you and advises you

Our sales team is on hand to advise you on your made-to-measure tote bag project : advice, quotes, samples, etc.

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Several types of customised production

Choose made-to-measure Made in France or Made in Europe. A made-to-measure woven bag or a printed bag...

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Delivery times
adapted to your project

Whatever your deadline for your project, we can adapt to it by offering you a suitable delivery deadline.

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A professional team
with 10 years experience

Mon-Totebag has been THE reference for personalised tote bags for 10 years. Put your trust in our team of professionals.

Responsible French production 🇫🇷

Are you a professional looking to create a high-quality fabric bag in large quantities? 
From as few as 500 identical pieces, you can create a woven bag with your logo at an affordable price, within 5 to 8 weeks.

To create your made-to-measure tote bags, we work in collaboration with a French company based next Lyon, in France.

All our textile products are woven in France by our partner, who guarantees 100% green energy weaving, French and transparent manufacturing, controlled and minimised carbon impact and production in a circular economy.

The products in our made-to-measure range are certified Origine France Garantie and France Terre Textile.
For organic cotton items, all fabrics are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified.

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The guarantee of transparent French production that respects people and the environment.



Guaranteed control of carbon impact.



The guarantee of circular economy products and solutions for your made-to-measure tote bags and bags.

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A wide range of tote bags and bags woven in France

To create a personalised bag to suit your needs, we offer a wide range of products that can be customised using Jacquard weaving. Products made from recycled fabric: classic tote bags, gusseted tote bags, tote bags of all sizes, fringed tote bags. But also tote bags and shopping bags in linen or hemp. Choose from a range of products that can be customised using jacquard weaving.

An example of made-to-measure personalisation using jacquard weaving

Do you want to create a high-quality, made-to-measure French product? Discover our favourite partner who offers woven tote bags customised in France using jacquard weaving. You can create personalised woven tote bags from 500 pieces upwards.

How exactly does it work? Mon-Totebag answers your questions.

Invented in Lyon in the 19th century, jacquard weaving is a French know-how that offers real differentiation, creativity and eco-design.

The principle of jacquard weaving is to cross threads to make your design stand out. Your motif becomes an integral part of the bag's fabric, because the bag and the visual are woven at the same time. This technique offers high-quality personalisation that lasts over time. Jacquard weaving offers a wide range of possibilities, as you can opt for monochrome or two-tone personalisation.

With jacquard weaving, you benefit from :

- optimised production because your visual is woven at the same time as the bag.
- a visual that is woven rather than printed, for a highly professional, high-quality finish.
- a totally eco-responsible bag, as it can be recycled thanks to a circular economy.

Lead times vary depending on the number of pieces you wish to order and the type of weave you choose. On the whole, you should allow 5 to 8 weeks from validation of the order and the proof.

Prices depend on :

- the number of pieces you wish to order (minimum 500 pieces).
- the bag you choose to personalise.
- the type of weave you choose (monochrome, two-colour 1-sided or two-colour 2-sided).

To create your personalised woven bag, you will need to allow for the development and prototyping costs inherent in each order. Contact-us to discuss your project and request a quote.

Custom made tote bag woven in France

Why create customised advertising tote bags for your company?

The tote bag or advertising bag has been an essential product for corporate communication for many years now. This small canvas bag, which can be seen everywhere, has taken a major place in the promotional products market. Eco-friendly and attractively priced, it enables any organisation to communicate effectively by displaying its logo wherever the tote bag is worn. A tote bag can be used every day for shopping and errands, or to carry your belongings to work or sport, for example. Whether as a gift for your customers or staff, or for sale in your shop, the personalised tote bag is a real advertising hoarding for your image. But to project a responsible corporate image, you need to offer your customers a tote bag that is environmentally friendly, recycled and ideally made in France or made in Europe. Focusing your communication on the image of a responsible company offering an environmentally-friendly product can only be beneficial to your business.

How do you choose the right product for effective communication?


Choosing the right model of tote bag is no easy task, especially as there are a large number of customisable bags on the market at all prices. Generally speaking, you should choose a French company with ecological values, especially if you want to communicate responsibly about your business. It's also a good idea to choose a personalisable tote bag made from organic, recycled cotton, with as low a carbon impact as possible. Offer your organisation a high-quality advertising panel by choosing a high-quality, responsible bag.

Mon-Totebag offers a wide range of customisable bags at different prices to suit everyone's budget. But if you're looking for high quality promotional bags in large quantities (minimum 500 pieces), then opt for one of our made-to-measure bag manufacturing solutions. Because every customer gift or promotional communication project is different, the ideal solution is to create unique customised bags made especially for your project.

Recycled tote bag with or without gusset and large handles, organic cotton shopping bag with small handles, jute shopping bag.... Many products can be made to measure for you, with your logo printed or woven directly into the personalised bag. But if you need express delivery, don't opt for a custom-made bag, as lead times can be around 5 to 8 weeks. Instead, opt for one of the bag models featured on our site with a printed imprint. In this case, you can benefit from express delivery of your order.

Custom printing or logo woven into the bag?


The market for customisable advertising tote bags is vast and it's hard to find your way around if you're not guided by an expert. But fortunately, our team of experts is here to advise you on your project. Colours, materials, origin, quantity and price, our tote bag experts have been at your service for over 10 years and can help you find the offer best suited to your needs.

Offer your company an ecological and responsible advertising poster thanks to a high-quality product and durable branding. To create made-to-measure tote bags, we can start manufacturing them especially for you at one of our European partners. We can then personalise your bags with high-quality, durable custom printing. In this case, you have a complete choice of the product you want to create: recycled organic cotton or jute canvas, natural or other colours, the shape of a tote bag or a gusseted tote bag... Everything is possible!

Another solution that's sure to amaze you is jacquard weaving. In this case, your logo is woven directly into the bag by our French partner in the Lyon region, rather than printed. Many models are available for weaving: recycled tote bag or organic cotton canvas, linen or hemp tote bag.... You can also choose from a wide range of colours, including natural, of course. This is the best solution if you have a long lead time and want to opt for responsible, transparent French production with a controlled carbon impact and a circular economy.