FAQ - Your questions


Digital printing is just a big inkjet printer that works like your desktop printer. The printer sprays microdrops of pigmented ink on the textile using a specific print head.

Digital printing has many advantages. This technique makes it possible to print individually, without technical costs and without any color limit. The ink is sprayed directly into the textile, so there is no extra thickness to the touch for an incredible result !

All orders are processed, printed and shipped with love in our workshop in Lyon = 100% Made in France.

This is possible on natural color products (except the tea towel, which has a tie on the back). This is also possible on light colored products but unfortunately it won't be possible on black and navy textiles.

There is no limit of colors in printing. You can therefore print photos, images, drawings, gradients, etc. And the number of colors doesn't impact the price.

It isn't recommended to machine wash tote bags, bags and accessories. Opt for a cold hand wash instead ! Also avoid clothes dryers and irons.

Of course not ! We are on an average hold of 30 washes if the washes are well done cold.

Thanks to our online personalization system, you can choose the print size and its positioning on the product. That way, no stress or unpleasant surprises when you receive your order !

Unfortunately, we cannot print all-over in digital printing. The maximum printing areas are indicated in each product page of our site.

It's very simple ! When you are on the page of the product you want to customize, simply click on the "Add to bag" button to access the online customization of the product. You can then give free rein to your imagination by choosing the location and size of your print. The created preview will be strictly respected when printing.

Quite simply because printing on a dark-colored product takes much longer than on a light-colored product.

- Printing on a clear product requires only 2 steps : Printing / Drying.

- Printing on a dark product requires 5 steps : Pre-treatment / Drying / Printing of a white undercoat / Color Printing / Drying.

You now understand the price difference between the two. And please note that we don't print white on natural colored products. It will be the natural color of the product instead.


Embroidery consists of forming text or a visual using sewing threads. This gives it a very qualitative appearance in relief and an unequaled lifespan.

Yes ! Both the embroideries and the prints are made in France in our workshop in Lyon. Quickly benefit from a 100% French customization !

Embroidery is a technique that we use thanks to industrial embroidery machines. To embroider a visual or a logo, it is necessary to completely rework it in order to program it on the machine. This long work generates significant technical costs that we cannot pass on to a single embroidered product because its price would be very high.

With simple text, we don't have this constraint of technical costs. It is for this reason that we offer embroidery products with text only.

But if you want to embroider a large quantity of products with something other than text, we can take care of it ! Don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote.

We are limited to 9 colors for embroidery.

Even if the embroidery is very resistant to washing at all temperatures, it is not recommended to wash the tote bags, bags and accessories in the washing machine. Opt for a cold hand wash instead! Also avoid clothes dryers and irons.

No, there is very little chance that the embroidery will come off.

It's very simple ! When you are on the page of the product you want to have embroidered, simply click on the "Add to cart" button to access the online customization of the product. You can then give free rein to your imagination by choosing the location and size of your embroidered text. The preview created will be strictly adhered to when producing your order.


No ! You can order your tote bag, bag or accessory individually. Have fun !

To know how long you will receive your order, you must add the production time and the delivery time.

The production time may change depending of our stock and the quantities ordered. If the products are in stock :
- Up to 19 pieces : 24h to 48h
- From 20 to 100 pieces : 72h
- More than 100 pieces : 3 to 7 days
If we don't have the product in stock, an additional delay of approximately 72h will be required. We will notify you by email if this is the case.

The delivery time depends on the transport mode you have chosen : Followed letter, Colissimo, Chronopost, Mondial Relay. The delay varies between 24h and 7 days.

Visit our delivery page for more informations.

Yes ! Our prices are decreasing from 6 identical pieces ordered.

Contact-us, explaining your problem. Our technical team will solve it ASAP.

If your order does not suit you or there is an error, contact-us or call us at We will see together where the problem comes from and what we can do to solve it.


To personalize one of our products, it's very simple ! Go to the page of the product you want to customize. Click the "Add to Bag" button to access online personalization. You can then add picture(s), photo(s), logo(s) and text(s) in the print area of the product. Don't hesitate to get started, it's quick and easy !

When you add your image in our online customization system, you are offered several options for the background. Opt for the 1st option ("Auto detect background") in order to remove the white background.

Also, our printers automatically remove white from the visual when printing on natural color products. So don't worry about the white background of your image, it won't be printed if you opt for a natural color product.

On colored products, remember to remove the background, otherwise it will be printed.

Don't worry ! When you insert your image into the site's online personalization system, a message will be displayed if the resolution of your image is not sufficient.

If the quality of your image is not good, try to find it in higher resolution or simply change the image. The quality of the print depends on the quality of your visual. It's therefore imperative that your image be in good resolution if you want a quality personalized product.

No, watch out! We refuse orders with files that are not free of rights. No brand logos, images or "scratched" photos. Contact-us if you have any doubts.