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Custom Printed Bags

Companion of everyday life, the fabric bag has become an essential accessory for carrying our belongings for work, activities, shopping or even errands. Computer, notebook or pocket, we always have something to carry wherever we go. This is why we suggest that you stand out thanks to a bag printed in fabric and personalized with a message, a photo or a logo that makes you happy, in order to have a unique personalized shopping bag in your image. No more plastic bags or inconvenient kraft paper bags. Order one or more customizable canvas bags with Mon-Totebag. Ask us quickly for your tailor-made quote if you wish to have printed bags delivered in large quantities. You will be able to benefit from a tailor-made price offer and fast delivery of your order.

The personalized tote bag can also be a great gift idea for a birthday, for Christmas or even as a Mother's Day gift for example.

Mon-Totebag offers you to personalize fabric bags individually or for a large number of pieces ; whether you are an individual or a professional. Our printed bags are produced in France, in our workshop in Lyon, and are made of cotton or organic cotton. We attach great importance to the origin of our products and are concerned about the environment. So be sure to always have quality and ethical products.

Our range of customizable bags​

For shopping, the beach or sports, it seems important to us to have a personalized bag adapted to your needs. This is why at Mon-Totebag, you have the choice among a wide range of products that we offer you to personalize in digital printing. We are certain that you will find what you are looking for among our selection. Quickly order your personalized bag from all the pieces that we offer you to personalize. Choose the product that suits you best and get started with online personalization with a photo, logo or text of your choice. Quickly discover the colors available for each product and don't hesitate to choose a colored tote bag.

Personalized bags for all your activities​

Discover our many customizable bags from our selection. A cotton shopping bag; sports bags; a jute shopping bag or an organic cotton beach bag. Quickly order the personalized bag that will suit your needs. Our fabric bags adapt and are useful for all times of the day. A workout ? No worries, our personalized cotton sports bag with a capacity of 20L will easily contain everything you need. Its weight of 340g will also make it an excellent travel bag thanks to its great resistance. A day at the beach? Discover our customizable beach bags; in organic cotton or hessian. You will appreciate the quality of the fabric of our bags and their resistance. We told you, we can offer you personalized bags for all situations.

Ethical and responsible personalized bags​

Disposable bags have been banned in our country for some time, and this is a huge benefit for the environment. Say goodbye to plastic bags! And we will admit it, paper bags or disposable kraft bags are not very practical for shopping. Indeed, the paper bags are not at all resistant and often let us fall right in front of the staircase of the building with all the shopping on our arms. For practical and eco-responsible shopping bags, opt for a more durable material with fabric bags. Say goodbye to plastic and weak paper bags. Order your fabric bag quickly on Mon-Totebag. You can also use it as packaging or a gift box, for example, to wrap your Christmas gifts in an ethical way! In order to offer you truly ethical fabric bags, we have specially selected GOTS and Organic 100 certified organic cotton products for you. These labels mainly certify the 100% organic origin of the cotton with which our bags are made.

Advertising bags for your communication​

The advertising bag has become an essential means of communication for a company. Whether you are a shop interested in offering a personalized printed gift to its best customers ; or a company that wishes to offer an advertising tote bag to its prospects ; Mon-Totebag takes care of everything !

Mon-Totebag, a flexible and responsive company​

Because we are committed to producing unique accessories for you, we support you throughout your personalization project. Our team of experts is there to guide you on the best product colors, sizes and placement of your logo on the tote bag in order to deliver the result that suits you best. Whatever the constraints, rest assured that we will carry out your project as you imagined. Contact us quickly to request a tailor-made quote; you can benefit from very attractive prices specific to professionals.

100% French quality printing​

Mon-Totebag specializes in textile personalization in general, but we are really experts in digital printing on textiles, and more particularly on fabric bags. The promotional bag has been our big specialty since 2017 and we love it ! Single-sided or double-sided printing ; printing in unlimited colors or in monochrome; logo on the entire surface of the bag or in small at the bottom right… We are used to dealing with all kinds of requests for promotional bags. Choosing Mon-Totebag means choosing a company that offers you attractive and decreasing prices from 6 pieces ordered. And it also means opting for a company that offers fast and free delivery of your order of advertising tote bags.