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Express tote bag - Promotional items 24 hour delivery

Need personalized promotional items urgently ? Mon-Totebag offers express delivery of your personalized tote bags throughout metropolitan France.

Conditions for express delivery within 24 hours :

- Delivery only in metropolitan France

- Your order must be validated before 11am

- Maximum order of 200 pieces for tote bags and bags / 100 pieces for tea towels

- The launch of production is automatic, without proof validation

You will receive your order at your home the next day before 1pm.

Questions about express delivery ?

Order cotton tote bags and accessories and receive them within 24 hours

Are you a company in need of cotton bags or fabric accessories by express mail? Whether for an event, for advertising or as a gift for your customers, the advertising tote bag is a real added value for your company once personalised with your logo. Mon-Totebag is your most responsive tote bag supplier. We offer express delivery of your bags and accessories within 24 hours, with no minimum order quantity. Do you urgently need 100 bags for an event tomorrow evening? Then get up to speed quickly and order your advertising tote bags in large quantities before 11am. You'll receive them within 24 hours, whether you're based in Lyon, Paris, Marseille or Nice.

Choose the advertising product on which you want to print your logo

First you need to choose the product you want to personalise with your logo. If you need 24-hour delivery, make sure you choose a product that is available for 24-hour delivery. This is indicated on the product image and in the title. Among the products that we offer you to personalise and receive in 24 hours, you'll find tote bags, a model of bag and a tea towel. Choose the advertising item that best suits your needs.

You can choose the price depending on the quality, the weight of the fabric, whether or not the tote bag is made from organic cotton, and whether or not the tote bag is Made in France. Unfortunately, you won't be able to choose the colour of the fabric : it will inevitably be ecru, as this is a colour that we necessarily have in stock. No white, black or other colours unfortunately for a 24h delivery. The summer tote bag with the jute bottom is also not available. If you're looking for a tote bag or shopping bag, opt for the recycled organic cotton beach bag, it's high quality and guaranteed to satisfy your customers.

Enjoy fast online ordering at a reasonable price

Once you've chosen your promotional textile, all you have to do is order your cotton canvas goodies directly online. No need to send an email and wait for a quote (even though we respond to quote requests in record time). You can see all our prices directly on the product page, depending on the quantity you want to order. And don't forget that we have a maximum order quantity for 24-hour delivery. This will be a maximum of 200 pieces for the printed tote bag and the personalised organic beach bag, and a maximum of 100 pieces for the printed tea towel. And of course, there's no minimum quantity : you can order a single bag if you have an urgent gift to give, for example.

To order, you can customise your bag online by adding your logo, text or photo. The price does not depend on the number of colours of your visual, so don't hesitate to indulge your creativity ! Once you've completed your online personalisation, all you have to do is add it to the shopping basket and finalise your order.

Receive your order in record time

If you order a product for 24-hour delivery before 11am, you will receive it before 1pm the next day via TNT or UPS in most cases. Please note that you will need to be on site to receive your order. So, are you convinced by our 24-hour personalised tote bag offer ? If you're still not, don't hesitate to have a look at our customer reviews, they'll be sure to convince you.