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Cheap Printed Tote Bag -...
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Printed Organic Tote Bag -...
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Tote bag

The tote bag is a cotton accessory that we've seen everywhere and heard a lot about in recent years. Worn and used by many people, this little cotton bag has invaded our streets, our cupboards, but also trade fairs and various events. As its name suggests, Mon-Totebag specialises in this product and will undoubtedly be your preferred supplier, whether you want bags with or without personalisation, by the unit or in large quantities.

What's a tote bag ?

We see them everywhere and hear all the time about this canvas bag, but what exactly is a tote bag and what does it mean?  And what uses can it be put to? Mon-Totebag tells you all about it.

The tote bag history

The tote bag is translated as a "bag for everything". Etymologically, the word comes from the English "to tote", which means "to carry around". It began to be used in the early 20th century by British postmen and newsboys in Europe and America. Lighter and more practical than a leather satchel, it was not until the 2000s that this product made a comeback, being used as a canvas shopping bag in supermarkets. Since the 2010s, this product has become a real fashion accessory. They come in all shapes and colours, but the material is almost always cotton, sometimes recycled.

What are the uses for this fabric bag ?

This fabric tote bag can be used in a variety of ways. It can be a fashion accessory that brands sell to their customers, or it can be a highly effective promotional item to raise a company's profile. But most people use it as an everyday bag for shopping, running errands or going to the beach. This fabric tote bag can also be a lovely gift for a woman to give to your mum, sister or sweetheart. Have you thought about giving a lovely gift to the woman in your life? Give her a quality canvas shopping bag that she can use to go to the beach, go shopping or take her work stuff with her every day.

Custom tote bag or blank tote bag

Mon-Totebag is a specialist in this type of bag, whether you want to order blank models with no printing or models customised by our team with a logo, design or text. We offer a wide range of bags in a variety of colours (ecru or natural, white, black, pink, blue, etc.). You can also choose the quality, the country of origin where the bag is made, the size of the handles and whether it is made from organic or recycled cotton.

Start personalising a tote bag with Mon-Totebag

Are you an individual looking to order a personalised tote bag, either individually or in small quantities? Nothing could be simpler! Thanks to our online customisation system, you can add your design, your logo or the text of your choice. For text, you can choose the colour and font from a wide selection. Our marking technique is digital printing. This printing technique allows us to offer you a high-quality printed tote bag with no colour limit. Take a quick look at our customer reviews to put your mind at rest and start creating your own unique personalised bag. Your order will be delivered quickly and free of charge.

Are you a professional looking to order personalised bags with branding that will help you communicate your company's image through direct marketing? Would you like to order shopping bags in large quantities at an attractive price? Then contact us using our dedicated business contact form. We'll be happy to give you a quote and deliver your order quickly and free of charge.

Order blank tote bags idnividually or in large quantities at unbeatable prices

Whether you're an individual or a professional, Mon-Totebag offers you the opportunity to order your own personalised bag at an unbeatable price. In addition to fast, free delivery, you'll benefit from reduced prices for orders of 6 identical items or more. Don't hesitate to have a look at our customer reviews, they are all very positive and will give you an idea of what you think of our company.

Our different ranges of tote bags

Choose the customisable tote bag that suits you best from our wide range of customisable bags. Price, origin, material, handles, colour, thickness... Many factors can influence the choice of your future tote bag, so don't hesitate to take a good look at our entire range.

Attractively priced products

For those on a smaller budget, we can offer you the low-cost model and the classic model. Both are made in Bangladesh from classic cotton and have large handles. The inexpensive bag is only available in natural, but the classic model is available in a wide range of colours: ecru, pink, white, black, etc.

Organic products

We also have a range in recycled organic cotton, for the environmentally conscious. Organic, thick organic, but also certain other forms of bags and accessories are available in organic cotton. These high-quality models are great gift ideas for your loved ones for a wide range of occasions.

Made in France products

Finally, discover our Made in France range. Tote bags and other accessories 100% made in France, for the more chauvinistic. You won't be disappointed by their quality and origin.

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