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Printed Organic Tote Bag
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Printed Organic Made in France Tote Bag
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Tote bags

Tote bags have become essential products in our everyday life. They can be used in multiple ways. Indeed, the tote bag can be worn as a handbag, it can be used as a shopping bag or be useful to us on a daily basis to bring our Tupperware to work. This small cotton bag, which has quickly become an essential in our daily lives, will delight you with its simplicity and practicality. Mon-Totebag offers you a whole range of quality tote bags, carefully selected by our team in order to offer you ethical bags that meet production standards. With or without customization, quickly order your tote bag individually or in large quantities.

Tote bags for all tastes and all budgets

The tote bag can be worn on the shoulder, as a trendy handbag or as a personalized shopping bag. It may also be perfect for transporting your sports gear during the year or your beach gear during the summer. Discover the range of tote bags from Mon-Totebag. We offer you different sizes of totebags. Are you more of a small tote bag or 38 x 42 cm tote bag ? Also choose the composition of your future bag. Cotton tote bag or organic cotton tote bag ? And have you thought about the Made in France tote bag ? In short, many models of tote bags are available to you to order blank or to personalize online directly on our website. There is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Personalizing a tote bag has never been easier

Do you want to personalize a tote bag easily and quickly ? Let your creativity speak and get started quickly in creating a personalized tote bag. The personalized tote bag online is the easiest, fastest and safest way to order a unique tote bag to your liking. How to do ? It is very simple ! Start by choosing the bag model you want to create. Be careful, opt for a "Personalized" product and not a "Blank" product. Once in the page of the tote bag you have chosen, click on the "Add to cart" button. You will then be redirected to the page for creating your tote bag. You can then add a photo, text or logo and preview your stunning creation. Then, all you have to do is finalize the order and you're done ! You will receive your personalized tote bag quickly directly at home or at a pick-up point, it's up to you.

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