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Printed Made in France Tote...
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Blank Organic Tote Bag
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Blank Organic Beach Bag
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Printed Organic Tea Towel
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Printed Made in France Tote...
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Printed Organic Beach Bag
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Printed Thick Made in...
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Blank Organic Sport Bag
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Printed Made in France...
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Blank Organic Made in...
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Printed Organic Made in...
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Printed Organic Made in...
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Printed Organic Sport Bag
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Printed Organic Tote Bag -...
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Eco responsible bag - Organic products and Made in France

Ecological and eco-responsible products are our future. For several years now, organic and ethical products have invaded our daily lives, and that's a very good thing for our beautiful nature! Zero waste, ethical and eco-responsible manufacturing, local purchases with a low carbon footprint... All these actions are helping to protect our beautiful planet. It's important to our team to take part in these ecological initiatives, whether in the products we offer our customers or in the day-to-day production of your orders. Mon-Totebag prints the fabric products you order using a very specific type of eco-responsible ink. The ink is certified solvent-free, so it's not only safe for you, but also for our beautiful environment! And all at unbeatable prices. So don't hesitate to ask us for a personalised quote.

An organic cotton bags and accessories range​

The Mon-Totebag team is committed to offering its customers environmentally friendly and ethically manufactured fabrics. That's why we've carefully selected a wide range of customisable organic fabric products that are GOTS and Organic 100 certified. Eco-friendly cotton tote bags; recycled beach bags; organic cotton sports bags; zipped pencil cases, etc. So many useful accessories for your everyday life that you can order while taking part in an eco-responsible approach. As well as being environmentally friendly, our organic products are often very high quality, with very heavy weights to ensure that they will stand up to the test and last for a very long time.

Discover our recycled cotton tote bags and bags available in different thicknesses, colours, materials and origins. In fact, we've selected an organic tote bag for you, as well as a Made in France tote bag, so that you can make a 100% French local purchase. All these ethical bags and tote bags are GOTS and Organic 100 certified. You can create your printed product directly online using our quick and easy online personalisation system. Our team will then print your order in our workshop in France! Because it's important for organic products to follow you in your daily activities, we've also selected an organic cotton beach bag, an organic sports bag and a small zipped pencil case in organic cotton; all three can be personalised with a unique print using Oeko Tex-certified solvent-free inks!

A daily ethical commitment​

At Mon-Totebag, it seems essential to us to be aware of environmental issues. As specialists in the personalization and sale of textiles, it is our responsibility to lead by example. Our team is made up of people who are sensitive to ecological causes. This is why we are committed to offering you customizable accessories whose provenance we know. And above all, whose production respects the environment. Our team prints your order of fabric products in its workshop in Lyon. The printing of your order is therefore 100% Made in France and carried out with great care by our team.

Responsible printing for ethical manufacturing​

Printing your orders is our job and we are looking for techniques on a daily basis to offer you quality printing on GOTS-certified quality fabrics in GOTS-certified cotton ; while respecting nature. The ink we use to print your accessories is water-based and certified solvent-free. And as a printer necessarily spits out used ink, it was important in our development to provide a way to recycle all this used ink. We have therefore set up a collection system for all these used inks so that they can be recycled and reprocessed in an ecological way.

Training and awareness of waste sorting​

During the development of our company and our teams, it also seemed important to us to transmit eco-responsible values to our teams. This is why we train and educate the entire Mon-Totebag team on good practices. Indeed, to respect the environment, you need good habits. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our team is aware of and trained in sorting waste.

Eco-responsible packaging​

We have also worked on the packaging for the shipments of your orders. For orders up to 50 pieces, we use recycled plastic packaging. The largest orders are sent in boxes that we receive from our suppliers, and which are therefore recycled by us.

Professionals, trust Mon-Totebag for your textile printing​

Are you a company, association, brand or artist? Would you like to print organic and ethical cotton products in your image and in a responsible manner? You can have 100% confidence in Mon-Totebag for all your orders of bags and accessories made from responsible materials. Take advantage of low prices and discounts based on quantities ordered. You can order directly online or contact us by email to request a personalised quote. Professionals, don't hesitate any longer to launch the development of your business and contact us quickly for a quote. We have many bags and accessories in stock in our workshops. Our flagship product is of course the tote bag, but we also stock items in different materials, colours, etc. Made in France, our products are produced with great care using our state-of-the-art textile printers.