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Fabric bags and accessories

Fabric accessories are an integral part of our daily lives. Bags, pouches, covers for a variety of objects, reusable and ethical storage. Fabric is gradually replacing plastic and paper in our daily lives, and that's a very good thing. Mon-Totebag offers you a wide range of fabric products, to personalise or order blank without printing, at attractive prices and with free, fast delivery of your order. Discover our range of blank fabric accessories and place your order quickly and easily on our website.

Essential accessories for everyday life

Opting for fabric accessories in your daily life means opting for quality, ethical and reusable products. It also means banishing plastic and paper from your daily life, which is a very good practice for helping our beautiful planet. Don't start sewing canvas items or labels. Many people enjoy sewing their own cotton bag, adding a strap, buckle, rings or snap hooks to create a closure and handle for the bag. But sewing bags and accessories is a complicated business that will take up a lot of your time and money. First, you'll need to go to a haberdashery to buy the thread, fabric (cotton, polyester, imitation leather, etc.) and accessories needed to sew a strap (ring, buckles, snap hook, etc.). Next, you'll need to start creating the patterns for the bag, and then you'll need to do the sewing using the thread and patterns you've made. In short, it's very long and complicated, so don't get involved unless you're keen to create and sew! Mon-Totebag offers a wide range of ready-made items for you to personalise or order blank.

Discover our entire collection of blank fabric products : pouches, bags, cushions, tea towels and baskets. Place your order for blank items, without personalisation ; or start creating your own personalised accessories online, with printing or embroidery carried out in France. Choose from a range of accessories on our site. We offer a wide range of bags and tote bags, as well as a large collection of other accessories. Do you want to hand-sew a bag or tote bag in wool, silk or linen using fabric and thread you've bought at the haberdashery ? No need with Mon-Totebag ! No more endless lists of haberdashery products, and no more patterns to create and make just one basic textile. Order your bags and accessories from Mon-Totebag now.

Zipped pouches

A zipped pouch or case is a container, usually made of fabric, used to store and/or carry items. Zipped pouches can be made from a variety of materials : cotton, organic cotton, linen, leather, or even wool or silk on rare occasions. They come in a range of sizes, capacities and colours to suit all tastes. Mon-Totebag offers a range of zipped pouches in cotton canvas or organic cotton canvas. Four models are available.

Firstly, the range of 100% cotton pouches, of which there are three. They are rectangular in shape, each with a different size and capacity, from S to L. Available in natural, black and navy blue. Very practical and useful, these accessories can be used to store all sorts of things, but above all to carry small objects with you easily. In a handbag, a suitcase or a sports bag, the pouch can hold your keys, your make-up bag or even the paperback you read everywhere ! These 3 cotton pouches are available in natural (off-white), black and navy blue and can be ordered blank or personalised with a pretty Made in France print. The pouch is beautifully crafted and closes with a silver-tone metal zip.

We've also chosen to select another model with a different shape and, above all, one that's Organic 100 and GOTS certified because it's 100% organic cotton. Its rounded shape gives it pretty, softer curves than the other models. You'll love the girly gold-tone metal zip and the attached strap, so you can wear it on your wrist and use it as a handbag for a chic evening out. This clutch bag makes a great gift idea for a woman or even a child! Available in natural (off-white), black or light pink, you won't be disappointed by the range of colours available. Take advantage of attractive prices and fast, free delivery of your order in France. So listen to your desires and opt for this ideal accessory for your everyday life.


Cotton pouches are clearly underrated in our everyday lives. A fabric pouch will allow you to store clothes for the larger pouches; or various small objects for the smaller sizes, such as your sewing set with all the spools of thread and the precious label you want to keep. Mon-Totebag offers no fewer than six different sizes of fabric pouch, ranging from XXS for the smallest to XL for the largest. Take advantage of the quality workmanship of this product, which is an everyday basic. It doesn't fasten with a buckle, strap or ring, but with a small drawstring for simple, effective closure. All our pouches are available in their natural colour (i.e. off-white) on our website, but other colours are available to order, including black and navy blue. Receive your blank pouch orders quickly, with or without personalisation. Enjoy free, fast delivery of your orders thanks to our highly responsive team. We offer our products for sale as single items or for a large number of items, so don't hesitate to order whatever the number of items you need.

Home accessories

Our homes are filled with all kinds of items and fabrics : silk, wool, linen or more classic natural fabrics. For many people, the decoration and painting of a room is an essential point. But there's more to interior design than that! Have you thought about personalising your interior decor with items such as cushions, tea towels or even baskets ? These little objects may seem insignificant, but they're not! Painting your room isn't everything! Mon-Totebag doesn't just offer blank bags and tote bags. We also offer a 40 x 40 cm Fairtrade-certified natural cushion. Receive your blank or personalised cushion quickly thanks to free and fast delivery of your order at Mon-Totebag. A natural tea towel is also available, as well as storage baskets in two different sizes : Medium and Large. These baskets are also available in natural, but also in two-tone with navy blue or black. Say goodbye to wasting time in the shop buying paint for your new interior design, and opt for original accessories !

Order in bulk at an attractive price

Whether you're a company, a shop or an association, save money by ordering fabric items in batches ! If you need large quantities, we offer all our products for sale at discounted prices and free delivery. You'll also receive your order very quickly thanks to our responsive team. So don't hesitate to contact us via our professional contact form if you'd like a quote for tote bags with large handles, carrier bags or sports bags. We can offer you different ranges of products in cotton or organic cotton; we can also offer you French manufacture for certain products.