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Personalised beach accessories : fouta, customisable bags and kits

It's almost summer, and with summer comes beach accessories. Because when we go to the beach, we need to be well equipped! Towels, swimming costumes, wooden rackets, bouncy balls and other games are all necessary items for the beach. But you also need a big beach bag that's just the right size to carry all that lovely stuff. Mon-Totebag has thought of you and put together a small range of cotton accessories that can be personalised with printing or embroidery. Customisable cotton bags, embroidered fouta (beach towel) to personalise with the text of your choice or even a customisable cotton and jute bag... Discover our range of beach accessories that will enable you to equip yourself for the beach and the sun while having unique and original personalised accessories.

Discover the personalised fouta, the ideal beach towel for your day in the sun

Have you heard of foutas? They're large, ultra-practical and pretty cotton beach towels, available in many colours. Mon-Totebag has chosen to offer you this new summer product that can be personalised with embroidery. The fouta can accompany you on the beach, in the sun, all summer long as your official bath towel. The product we're offering you to personalise is a 100% recycled cotton fouta measuring 200 x 100 cm and weighing 200g/m². It's woven by hand and the fringes at the end of the towel are hand-tied. It's an eco-friendly product, because it's made from recycled cotton and handmade. All this at the attractive price of 38with embroidery personalisation. For personalisation, we suggest you embroider the text of your choice in the centre of the white band. We stock a range of very pretty colours: light grey, olive green, duck blue, ocean blue, taupe, baby pink, powder pink and mustard yellow. When you personalise your fouta online, you can choose an embroidery thread colour that matches the colours of the fouta. So make the most of it and order a single piece or foutas in large quantities, which you can then give as gifts to your company's employees or customers, for example. Make a change from the accessories, objects and goodies we see everywhere for the summer: flip-flops, key rings, pens, USB keys, towels and cushions. Instead, opt for a personalised fouta with your logo. The embroidery will be high quality and the recycled, eco-friendly fabric of your towel won't let you down. All at an attractive price. So don't hesitate any longer and contact us quickly for a quote if you are a company wishing to order personalised foutas.

Choose from our range of customisable beach bags

Let's face it, Mon-Totebag specialises in tote bags and fabric bags. We stock a wide range of bags in different sizes, colours and fabrics. And every product in our stock can be customised. In the beach range, several bags are perfect for the beach. The eco-friendly beach bag in organic cotton, the summer tote bag, the summer bag and the oversize bag. All of these items are made from high-quality fabric and can be customised by printing. Some products can also be personalised with embroidery. Choose from the items we have in stock at different prices. You can order a single item or a large number of items. So if you're a company looking to offer personalised gifts with a logo for your customers, ask us for a quote! Promotional gifts should be high-quality and eco-friendly, so opt for customised cloth bags with your logo listed at Mon-Totebag. Our prices are degressive depending on the number of items you order. And delivery is fast.

Opt for the large summer case, the ideal way to store your keys, your fan and all your goodies.

When you're on the beach, it's important to keep your things tidy so you don't lose anything. Sunglasses, fans, keys and other small items can easily get lost. That's why we've added a new product to our stock: the summer kit. This large zipped pouch will become your best friend when you head off to the beach without losing all your everyday items. Now available on our site, you won't be disappointed by its dimensions of 27 x 18 x 5 cm and its cotton and jute fabric. You'll also appreciate its low price of just 12€ once it's been personalised on one side. And don't forget that our prices are degressive depending on the number of items. And the summer kit will be the ideal promotional goodie to give as a gift to your favourite customers just before the summer.