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Made in France Bag

Mon-Totebag specialises in textile personalisation and offers you a wide range of blank cotton tote bags. This is a versatile, eco-friendly product that can be customised to suit your needs. Our blank organic cotton bags have many features and benefits that make them suitable for textile personalisation. Thanks to our various options for personalised items and our commitment to the environment, enjoy responsible shopping by opting for our blank organic cotton tote bags.

Made in France bag : a unique quality product

When you're looking for a quality bag, made with care, nothing beats a bag made in France. We're proud to support the luggage industry. We don't make leather goods, but we do offer a range of high quality cotton bags, designed to last over time. Whether you prefer a more elegant black or a cotton tote, we have a variety of styles to suit your needs. Our made in France bags are designed to meet the needs of everyone, men and women, who care about the quality and environmental impact of their products.

Textile personalisation: express your creativity

At Mon-Totebag, we believe in the importance of personal expression. That's why we offer textile personalisation options for our bags. You can choose from different techniques to add a unique touch to your made in France bag. Textile personalisation is one of the features that sets Mon-Totebag apart. With our different personalisation techniques (digital printing, embroidery, screen printing, transfer), the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to add a motif, a company logo or a personal message, we can realise all your creative ideas on your made in France bag.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technique for transferring high-resolution patterns and images onto cotton bags. You can let your imagination run wild and select unique designs that reflect your style and personality. The colours come out vibrant and the details very precise. Digital printing allows you to get a personalised bag quickly and at a very affordable price.


Embroidery is a very elegant marking technique to add to your tote bag. Whether it's your initials, a motif or a special message, embroidery always gives a sophisticated and elegant look, as well as ensuring that your personalisation is long-lasting. If you're looking for a bag with retro charm, make your bag more vintage with embroidery. Combining the traditional craft of embroidery with a timeless design, your bag will add a touch of nostalgia to a modern style.

Screen printing

Silk-screen printing is a very popular technique for cotton bags. It offers high-quality personalisation with a precise and refined finish. You can be very creative by choosing unique and colourful designs for your bag. Personalised screen printing is done with paint, so you can be sure that your colours will be very intense.

Screen transfer

Transfer printing is a personalisation technique that allows you to transfer motifs, logos or text onto different types of bag. This marking technique involves printing your visual on a special paper that is then transferred to your fabric using a heat press. This allows the ink to fully integrate into the cotton mesh, making it highly durable.

Bags for every occasion

Our bags are designed to meet the needs of everyone, men and women alike. They're even crafted with a vintage touch, thanks to the texture of the organic cotton. What's more, we offer you the chance to personalise your bag using a range of textile customisation techniques. So feel free to express your creativity and create a unique bag that reflects your style. So, personalising your bag is all very well, but on which bag? Introducing our range of customisable bags made in France.

Made in France tote bag

Discover one of our finest pieces: the tote bag made in France! This bag combines elegance and quality to perfection. Made from durable materials, it's perfect for all your everyday adventures. Opt for authenticity and support French craftsmanship by proudly displaying this environmentally-friendly tote bag.

Organic tote bag

For nature lovers who care about the environment, we've created the organic tote bag. Made from certified organic cotton, this eco-friendly bag is the perfect choice for reducing our impact on the planet. Say no to plastic bags and adopt this eco-responsible and above all reusable alternative.

24h delivery tote bag

Need a bag fast ? No problem ! Opt for our tote bag with express delivery in 24 hours. Comfortable and practical, this bag is ready to go everywhere with you, whether it's for your shopping, your sports session or an outing with friends.

If you're a fan of minimalism and durability, our Made in France Thick Tote Bag is for you. Made from thick, high-quality fabric, this bag will stand the test of time. Its sleek design will complement any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication to your style. Make the long-term choice with this Tote Bag, which will stay with you for years to come.

Thick Made in France tote bag

Made from thick, high-quality fabric, this bag will stand the test of time. Its sleek design will match all your outfits while adding a touch of style. Make the long-term choice with this tote bag.

Practical, roomy and versatile, our Tote Bag is the ideal way to carry everything you need. Its large capacity means you can easily carry your shopping, sports equipment, books or even your picnic. With its modern, trendy design, this tote bag is the essential companion for your busy days. Opt for comfort without compromising on style with our tote bag!

Shopping bag

Pratique, spacieux et polyvalent, notre sac cabas est l’allié idéal pour transporter tout ce dont vous avez besoin. Sa grade capacité vous permet d’emporter vos courses, votre matériel de sport, vos livres ou même votre pique-nique en toute simplicité. Ce sac cabas est donc un compagnon indispensable de vos journées.

Affordable prices to suit all budgets

At Mon-Totebag, we believe that quality and style shouldn't be out of reach. That's why we offer a wide range of made in France bags at affordable prices to suit all budgets. Whether you're looking for a cotton, organic cotton or canvas bag, we have all the options to suit you.

The satisfaction of Made in France

Speaking of satisfaction, by choosing a bag made in France, you're also contributing to local industry. Each bag is the fruit of French know-how, guaranteeing you a high-quality finished product. You'll be proud to wear a bag made in France to show off your values, all in style. Customer satisfaction is also very important to us. We're sure you'll love your personalised made in France bag.

An exceptional gift

Giving a personalised bag made in France is a very thoughtful and unique gesture. For a special occasion like an EVJF/EVG, a birthday, Mother's Day or even as a corporate gift, a personalised bag shows that you've taken the time to create a special, personalised gift. We guarantee that this gift will make an impact!

In conclusion, Mon-Totebag offers a wide selection of bags made in France, in cotton, canvas and jute for both men and women. Our bags combine quality, locality and eco-responsibility. What's more, we offer textile personalisation options, including digital printing, embroidery, screen printing and transfer printing, so you can create bags that reflect your personality. Choose a made in France bag and invest in sustainability and respect for the environment!