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Customisable organic cotton bag

Mon-Totebag introduces you to its range of organic cotton tote bags to personalize using our innovative technique : digital textile printing, also called DTG (Direct to Garment). This printing technique allows us to customize textiles and fabric accessories, individually or in large quantities, without technical costs and without any color limit. Photo, picture, logo or text, all customizations are possible with digital printing. And we offer you attractive prices thanks to the possibility of printing a textile from 1 piece without technical costs. The printing lasts between 1min30 and 3min in general, which allows us to offer you a fast delivery of your order of personalized bags, but also a free delivery.

Why personalize tote bags ?​

The tote bag is a fabric bag appreciated by all. Its growth has been going on for several years now and people's interest in the tote bag has not diminished. Its main advantage ? Its sustainable and recycled side, especially if you opt for an organic cotton tote bag. In our range of tote bags, we have referenced several models of bags, customizable with quality marking printed with love by our team in Lyon, France. Because yes, the personalization of our bags and tote bags is 100% Made in France in order to guarantee our customers an unequaled quality of marking and therefore maximum satisfaction. All this at an attractive price and with fast delivery of your order.

Organic tote bags for all occasions​

Whether you are organizing a bachelorette party, a wedding or a baptism and need bags in medium or large quantities ; or whether you are looking for a personalized gift printed with a photo, logo or message ; the Mon-Totebag team is there to help you with your project. Choose the customizable tote bag that suits you from our website. Opt for a model of organic cotton bag referenced on our website ! Recycled, Organic 100 and GOTS certified, the organic cotton tote bag is an essential. Large or small handles, with or under gusset, natural (ecru), black or other. Choose your customizable tote bag carefully by not hesitating to look at the customer reviews on our website.

Organic advertising tote bags​

You are a company and want to create useful goodies for your communication and at an attractive price ? Think of the advertising tote bag ! Opt for a natural color advertising bag personalized with your logo to make communication for your company useful, effective and at an attractive price. Contact us quickly for a quote.

Why choose an organic tote bag rather than a cotton tote bag ?​

The tote bag is a durable fabric bag that has become an essential part of our daily lives. We appreciate it in all circumstances, but for many, opting for an eco-responsible bag in organic cotton is a necessity for its sustainable side. The tote bag was developed in recent years with the aim of replacing plastic or paper bags, which are too numerous in our daily lives. Using a recycled canvas bag for shopping is an eco-responsible gesture ideal for our planet. But an Organic 100 and/or GOTS certified organic cotton bag is better. And a tote bag Made in France and in organic cotton, it's the ideal tote bag for our beautiful planet ! Mon-Totebag offers several models of tote bags in organic cotton canvas. Choose from the bag you prefer and start customizing your recycled organic cotton tote bag online. To make your choice, don't hesitate to see the opinions of our customers on each product page of our website. Customer reviews are often the best way to choose what to buy. And as our team has referenced several personalized tote bags with different sizes, colors and weights, making a choice is often difficult. Very thick or lighter shopping bag ? With or without bellows ? Long handles or shorter handles ? Natural ecru bag or rather a black or colored bag ? Classic dimensions of 38 x 42 cm or different dimensions ? In any case, choose an organic cotton tote bag certified Organic 100 and GOTS. We offer you the customizable 200g organic tote bag, the personalized thick 340g organic tote bag with quality printing marking, or the Made in France organic tote bag which is a bag spun, woven, made and personalized in France. Do you have a question about one of our products ? Are you looking for a specific product that you cannot find on our website ? Would you like to request a quote from us ? Don't hesitate to contact us, our team will answer you quickly.