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Personalised Christmas gifts : opt for unique bags and accessories with Mon-Totebag !

Every year at Christmas, it's the same story... What can you give your family to make them happy? Whether it's for your children, your father, your mother, your wife or your husband, there's no such thing as the perfect gift, and gift ideas can be hard to come by. Do you dream of finding a gift idea that will remain engraved in your family's memory? Mon-Totebag is here to help you in your quest for the perfect gift by offering you a choice of personalised gifts. Once a product has been personalised with a photo, a first name or a heart, it instantly becomes a unique personalised gift that is sure to please the person in your family to whom you give it. On this page you'll find a range of gift ideas for the whole family, and you can start personalising products online that will make perfect gifts once they've been personalised. A personalised gift is a unique gift that will remain engraved in the memory of the person you are giving it to.

Choose a personalised product from Mon-Totebag

Looking for a unique personalised gift for a child, man or woman? Are you fed up of giving your mother decorations and your father a box of wine? Is there always the same type of toy under the tree for the children in the family? This year, choose gifts that can be personalised with all your love. The festive season is the time to tell people that you love them, so choose a photo that you want everyone to remember and have it printed on a cushion or bag, for example.

Gift ideas for a woman

Give your wife a unique, personalised Christmas gift for the festive season. Christmas is the time to show your love for her. Choose one of the products in our Christmas range: tote bags, bags, pouches, cases, baskets, tea towels personalised with a photo, her first name, a little heart... everything is possible with Mon-Totebag thanks to online personalisation. Add a small personalised decoration to the product you've chosen: Christmas tree, bauble, heart... Use your creativity to create a unique gift that will make her smile. Don't have any ideas for personalisation? Take inspiration from what you can find on the internet, it's the ideal way to find original ideas.

Gift ideas for a man

Does your loved one need a large cotton bag for sports or a pencil case for work? Would you like to add some personalised decoration to your bedroom? Tired of giving him the famous wine glass box under the Christmas tree every year? Make a change from the lamp and key ring by opting for a Mon-Totebag product and personalise it easily online with a first name or photos. He's sure to appreciate this unique, personalised gift.

Gift ideas for a child

That's it, your child's advent calendar is almost finished, the tree and baubles are in place and Christmas is just around the corner. This is clearly THE children's holiday, and you're going to have to figure out what to put under the tree for your little one. A desk lamp, a book, a box of Lego, wooden toys, a key ring and a calendar are not very original gifts. For a child, opt for a personalised gift with Mon-Totebag. You can choose from all our bags and accessories, which can be personalised with photos and first names galore. If you're looking for a personalised Christmas gift at an attractive price that's sure to please, then go for it!

Why personalise a Mon-Totebag product for Christmas?

Once you've finished decorating your home and put the baubles on the tree, all that's left is to find a Christmas present for each of your loved ones. This end-of-year celebration is a real headache, and we're not even talking about the total cost... Mon-Totebag helps you in your search for gifts by offering you the chance to find a personalised product for each of your loved ones, at a low price, with fast, free delivery. Say goodbye to the desk lamp, the wine glass box, the key ring, the book you're not interested in or the wooden toys you see everywhere. Opt for a unique gift by adding photos.

Attractive prices and fast, free delivery

Choosing Mon-Totebag means choosing a company that customises in France. What's more, we offer attractive prices and fast, free delivery of your order. Delivery is guaranteed before Christmas until 22 November, so make the most of it!

Impeccable customer reviews

Do you have any doubts about our company? Take a look at our customer reviews. You'll be convinced by the many reviews and the very good ratings.

Puzzles, mugs and other products from our company

Finally, if you're looking for other customisable products, we also have other websites specialising in mugs and puzzles. Don't hesitate to visit Mon Petit Mug or La Puzzlerie for even more unique Christmas gift ideas!