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Customized shopping bag : your everyday bag

Personalized shopping bags have become increasingly popular in recent years. With growing awareness of the importance of the environment, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Personalized shopping bags offer a practical and stylish solution for shopping while reducing plastic waste.

What's a personalized shopping bag ?

A personalized shopping bag is a reusable bag designed to be used for everyday shopping. Unlike disposable plastic bags, these bags are made to last, and are often made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or hessian. Customizable shopping bags can be personalized with company logos, messages, drawings or photos, and can be given as gifts or sold as promotional items.

Why use personalized shopping bags ?

There are many reasons why the customizable shopping bag is a more sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bags.

First of all, the reduction of plastic waste. As we've already told you, plastic bags are a major environmental problem worldwide. Millions of bags are used worldwide every year. Most of them end up in landfills or in the ocean! That's why we attach so much importance to the impact of our products. The customizable shopping bag offers a responsible solution for reducing plastic waste and helping to protect the environment. Another advantage is that they are reusable. Unlike disposable plastic bags, customizable shopping bags are also stronger than plastic bags. Which means they can also carry heavier, bulkier items. They're very versatile. The customizable shopping bag can be used for many activities. Shopping, carrying sporting goods or simply as a handbag. Customized shopping bags can be folded and stored easily, making them very practical for everyday use. Last but not least, the personalized shopping bag is very economical. Indeed, while disposable plastic bags may seem economical to buy, their long-term use can prove costly. Personalized shopping bags are designed to last longer. This means they are a more economical choice in the long term. The personalized shopping bag can also be offered as a promotional gift, helping to strengthen customer loyalty and increase company visibility.

A personalized shopping bag is a practical, eco-friendly accessory that can be used time and again to carry groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables. It's also a great way to advertise your company or brand. By adding your logo or promotional message to the bag, you can increase your company's visibility and reach a wider audience. The customizable running bag can be distributed at events, trade fairs, conferences or simply as a gift for regular customers. The personalized race bag is available in a variety of colors. We also have other bags in different materials. Our personalized shopping bag is made of cotton and organic cotton. However, we also stock hessian bags. The choice of bag will depend on the use and price you wish to put on it.

How do I customize my shopping bag ?

A shopping bag is a great way to add a personal touch to your everyday life. Whether you're shopping at the supermarket, going to the gym or strolling around town, a personalized shopping bag is a practical and stylish accessory. One of the best things about a customizable shopping bag is that you can put whatever you want in it. So why not take the opportunity to make it unique and personalize it to your image? First of all, you can put your name or initials on it. This will make your bag easily recognizable and help you find it if you ever lose it. If you want to make your bag more personal, add a quote that inspires you. You can also add a funny quote or pun to give your bag a funnier dimension. If you're a company, add your logo to the bag. This will make your bag a great marketing and promotional tool for your company. You can also add your telephone number or e-mail address to facilitate communication with your customers. Another element you can add to your bag is an illustration or drawing that represents your style or personality. If you're an animal lover, draw a picture of a cat or dog. If you're a sports fan, add a drawing of a ball. You can also think about a specific theme for your design. Vacations, sports, nature. Like a beach design for a summer bag.

Our different marking processes

Depending on your needs, your desires or even your fabric, marking can make all the difference. In fact, some marking techniques are better suited to certain fabrics, and there are a number of constraints to take into account. We present our different personalization techniques and their specificities.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a printing method that uses digital data to create high-quality prints. In digital printing, the process begins with the creation of your digital file of the visual or logo you wish to print. This file is sent directly to the digital printer, which uses print heads to spray ink onto the substrate. The inks we use are water-based and contain no solvents. Digital printing offers several advantages over traditional printing. It enables fast, cost-effective printing for short runs, and also makes it easy to personalize prints. What's more, digital printing enables precise color variations, better resolution and higher image quality.


Industrial embroidery is an embroidery technique used to produce designs in large quantities and series. Unlike craft embroidery, which is done by hand, industrial embroidery uses automated machines that are programmed to produce the designs. Industrial embroidery machines are equipped with multiple needles that can perform complex, repetitive embroidery stitches very quickly and uniformly. This offers advantages such as speed, precision and consistent design quality. However, industrial embroidery also has some limitations, notably in terms of the size and complexity of the designs that can be produced.


Sublimation is a printing technique that transfers an image or pattern onto a material by using heat and pressure to make the ink penetrate directly into the material's fibers. It is often used for printing on synthetic materials. The transfer paper is then placed on the material to be printed, and the two are heated to high temperature with a press. This has the effect of gasifying the ink, which penetrates directly into the textile fibers. However, sublimation also presents a number of limitations, notably in terms of printable materials (natural fibers are not compatible with this technique) and cost (transfer paper and inks are often more expensive than traditional inks).

Screen transfer

Transfer printing is a printing method that transfers an image or design onto a material using an intermediate medium such as transfer paper. It is often used for printing on T-shirts, bags and other textile items. The transfer technique offers several advantages over other printing techniques, including ease of use, the ability to print on a wide variety of textile materials, and the possibility of printing complex and varied patterns.

So, if you'd like to personalize your shopping bag, we invite you to visit our dedicated page or contact us. We'll draw up a quote tailored to your needs.

Our range of personalized bags

The customizable shopping bag

Ideal for your errands or shopping trips, you can reuse it over and over again! It's also multi-purpose, allowing you to carry everything from toys and clothes for those big shopping days to books. Its 140g weight makes it durable, and its 18L capacity means you can carry lots of things with ease. Our shopping bag is made from 100% cotton.

The customizable beach bag

If you're looking for a bag for your family beach outings, you've come to the right place. This large organic cotton bag is designed to withstand the elements. In fact, its 340g weight ensures that all your belongings stay dry during your beach outings.

The personalized summer bag

Here's another bag that smells just like summer: the summer burlap bag! With its 18L capacity, you'll be able to carry all the essentials you need for your beach outings or vacations. With its jute fabric and 407g weight, it's even more resistant than the shopping and beach bags. So there's no need to worry about its durability. What's more, the jute canvas gives it a more summery look than the others.

The oversize printed bag

The personalized oversize bag is one of our most beautiful pieces. It's also the biggest! Yes, we don't do things by halves. With its extra-large dimensions (56 x 41 x 16 cm) and heavy 475g weight, it's our most qualitative and resistant bag. It's the ideal bag for family outings. It's the ideal bag for family outings, allowing you to store a wide range of items such as towels and picnics. We also stock tote bags. Lighter than a bag, they're just as useful for everyday shopping. Here are a few examples.

The customizable cotton tote bag

Discover our classic personalized tote bag. Available in small quantities and many colors, this is our most popular tote bag. It's the tote bag you see everywhere, so why not customize it to your image? With a weight of 140g and a capacity of 10L, it's ideal for everyday essentials.

The thick organic cotton tote bag

Certainly one of our finest pieces. The 340g organic cotton tote bag is a high-quality, hard-wearing bag. It's available in just one color: the natural color of organic cotton. So, if you want a quality bag and care about the environment, this bag is perfect for you.

The cheap personalized tote bag

The inexpensive tote bag is the most affordable product in terms of price. In fact, we want to make our products accessible to everyone, which is why we're offering this bag that's totally suited to your daily activities. It holds 10L, weighs 140gr and is made from cotton.

The customizable Made in France organic tote bag

We've saved the best for last : here's our organic cotton bag made in France. Very practical for all activities: shopping, carrying books or simply taking a walk. In addition to standing out for its quality, this bag allows you to make an eco-responsible act by consuming a more sustainable product. In terms of price, it will be more expensive. Nevertheless, it represents excellent value for money, while supporting French craftsmanship.