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Wedding tote bags

Mon-Totebag can create a personalised wedding tote bag for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Opt for an ethical gift by offering a souvenir that your guests will keep for a very long time and that they will reuse with honour, thinking of you. Our wide range of bags is just waiting for the big day to celebrate with you.

A unique gift at a reasonable price for your guests

Are you looking for a unique gift at a reasonable price for your best man and your guests? Our tote bags are the ideal gift. After all, what could be better than a gift with a personal touch? The personalised tote bag has established itself as one of the most popular products in terms of advertising, and is one of the easiest items to personalise with a logo or slogan. So why not make it the messenger of your friendship? Because this bag has become one of the most attractive products with low prices, quality fabric and an infinite choice of colours and personalisation options.

A product for every type of wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Every wedding is different: theme, dress code, number of guests, budget... Many things can differ from one ceremony to another. That's why we offer you our wide range of customisable tote bags. You're sure to find the perfect bag for the happiest day of your life in our selection of tote bags to personalise for a wedding.

The classic tote bag, an ideal basic for small budgets

For a classic wedding, our classic tote bag is the best personalisable accessory to give. Available in a range of colours, from black to pastel pink, you can print a wreath of flowers, a logo, the first name of a bridesmaid or even that of the bride, if this is a gift for her. It's a gift she could keep for the rest of her life. It would also be perfect for her evjf, with her team bride. It can be personalised as much as you like, thanks to its 100% cotton fabric made in France.

The eco-friendly tote bag, for brides and grooms who care about the environment

For an eco-friendly wedding, our organic tote bag is the perfect choice. With this tote bag made from 100% organic cotton fabric, you'll be able to store all your gifts. This organic cotton bag is available in natural colours. You can print your first name, your best man's name or even your logo on it. It will become the most beautiful accessory for your special wedding day.

The summer tote bag, ideal for a ceremony with your feet in the sand

There's nothing better for a summer wedding than Summer tote bags. Ideal for a beach wedding. What's more, this bag is not made from 100% cotton, as the strap and bottom are made from jute. Jute fabric is a natural and biodegradable product. This makes the bag unique, once you've personalised it. With a personalised image, flowers, the bride-to-be's first name or a logo. The cheapest way to do this is with a black print.

The tote bag with coloured handles is the perfect choice for a cheerful, colourful wedding

Finally, our tote bag with the coloured strap. We have three colours to choose from: black, fuchsia pink and navy. A tote bag that ladies and gents can personalise. Because this bag is above all a unisex accessory, even for a wedding, men may want to take home this beautiful gift in the colours of their choice. A gift that shows how important your wedding is to them.

You can personalise the tote bag of your choice with the print you like best and place an order for fast delivery anywhere in France. You can find the rest of our collection on our website.

Our other wedding accessories to personalise

But if the tote bag is too big an accessory for you, we also have smaller products. We have a collection of personalised bags and pouches that are ideal for storing all your little gifts on this special day. These small items will delight your guests and your best man.

What's more, if the wedding date hasn't arrived yet, why not think about a bag for your hen party? We can also personalise a t-shirt or a bag for your team bride. The canvas bag is a timeless gift at a low price that will appeal to your team brides at your hen party. The young ladies will be able to use this personalisable bag for a day's shopping, for errands or as an essential everyday tote bag. Or for one of your future bridesmaids.

Our young and dynamic team will give you all the help you need to become a happy bride-to-be. Finally, if you already own a product, we can also personalise it. Because we offer fast personalisation and express delivery, your personalised bags will be there on the date you specify.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question, a request for a quote or anything else! We value your opinion.