Is there a minimum order?

No ! You can order your tote bag, bag or accessory individually. Have fun !

How long will I receive my order?

It's necessary to differentiate the production time and the delivery time.

The delivery time depends on the transport mode you have chosen : Followed letter, Colissimo, TNT, Relay Package. The delay varies between 24h and 6 days.

The production time depends on the number of pieces to be produced. For orders of less than 5 pieces, the delay is 24h. For orders over 5 pieces, the delay can be from 48h to 7 days.

For each order, your file is checked, printed and the order is shipped.

If you have a question or deadline, please feel free to contacte us.

Are your rates decreasing ?

Yes ! Our prices are decreasing from 6 identical pieces ordered. You will find all our prices on the product pages of our site www.mon-totebag.com

The "Add to Bag" button does not work, I can not click on it. How to do ?

This is most likely because you did not insert your personalization file, or you did not save it with the "Save Customization" button. It is imperative to add a file to order.

There is a problem / bug when I order (delivery, payment, or other). How to do ?

Just contact us, explaining your problem. We will solve it as soon as possible.

I received my order but it does not suit me. What to do ?

If your order does not suit you or there is an error, contact us. We will see together where the problem comes from and what can be done to fix it.