Is there a minimum order?

No ! You can order your tote bag, bag or accessory individually. Have fun !

How long will I receive my order?

To know how long you will receive your order, you must add the production time and the delivery time.

The production time may change depending of our stock and the quantities ordered. If the products are in stock :
- Up to 19 pieces : 24h to 48h
- From 20 to 100 pieces : 72h
- More than 100 pieces : 3 to 7 days
If we don't have the product in stock, an additional delay of approximately 72h will be required. Don't hesitate to contact us to fond out the production time for your order.

The delivery time
depends on the transport mode you have chosen : Followed letter, Colissimo, Chronopost, Mondial Relay. The delay varies between 24h and 6 days.

For each order, your file is checked, printed and the order is shipped. If you have a question or deadline, please feel free to contact us.

Are your rates decreasing ?

Yes ! Our prices are decreasing from 6 identical pieces ordered.

The "Add to Bag" button does not work, I can not click on it. How to do ?

This is most likely because you did not insert your personalization file, or you did not save it with the "Save Customization" button. It is imperative to add a file to order.

There is a problem / bug when I order (delivery, payment, or other). How to do ?

Just contact us, explaining your problem. We will solve it as soon as possible.

I received my order but it does not suit me. What to do ?

If your order does not suit you or there is an error, contact us. We will see together where the problem comes from and what can be done to fix it.