Which marking technique do you use ?

Digital printing : a big inkjet printer that works like your office printer. The printer sprays pigmented ink microdrops onto the fabric with a specific print head.

What are the advantages of digital printing ?

Many advantages : it allows to print to the unit, without technical costs and without any limit of colors. The ink is directly sprayed into the textile, there is no over-thickness to the touch.

Are the printings Made in France ?

All orders are processed, printed and shipped with great love, in our workshop in Lyon = 100% Made in France.

Is it possible to print on both sides ?

Yes. You will find customizable products on both sides in our product pages.

Is there a limited number of colors when printing ?

There is no color limit to the print. You can print photos, pictures, drawings ... And no price increase !

Can you print in fluo / gold / silver ?

Unfortunately not…

Can I machine wash the products I ordered ?

The products can be machine washed at 30 ° and also avoid dry cloths and irons.

Will the impression fade over time ?

Of course not ! We are on an average holding of 30 washes.

How big will my file be printed on the product I order ?

On each product page of our Shop you will find a picture of the product with the print area. You find these exact dimensions in the technical description of the product. Need a particular investment ? The comment area on the product page is available.

Is it possible to print my file on the entire surface of the bag or accessory ?

Unfortunately, our marking technique does not allow us to print on the entire surface of the tote bag, bag or accessory.

I want a particular print size or placement to print, how to do ?

Our printers know how to adapt and follow your directions, so don’t hesitate to tell us details in commenting your order.

Why are prices higher for color products than for natural color products ?

Light textile printing only requires 2 steps : Printing / Drying.
Dark textile printing ( black or colors ) asks for 5 steps : Pre-treatment of the textile / Drying / Printing of a white undercoat / Color printing / Drying.
You understand the difference in price between the two :)

Be careful, we don’t print white on natural color products. This will be the product's color instead.