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Blank accessories

Fabric accessories are an integral part of our daily lives. Bags, pouches, covers for multiple objects, reusable and ethical storage. Fabric is a small replacement for plastic and paper in our daily lives and that's a very good thing. Mon-Totebag offers you many fabric products, to personalize or to order blank without printing, at attractive prices and with free and fast delivery of your order. Quickly discover our range of blank fabric accessories and place your order easily and quickly on our website.

Essential accessories for everyday life​

Betting on fabric accessories for your daily life means betting on quality, ethical and reusable products. It's also to ban plastic and paper from your daily life, which is a very good practice to help our beautiful planet. Don't start sewing articles or canvas labels because Mon-Totebag offers you many categories of ready-made articles to personalize or order blank. Discover our entire range of blank fabric products : zip pouches, pouches, cushions, tea towels, baskets. Place your order for blank items, without personalization ; or embark on the online creation of your personalized accessories thanks to a printing or embroidery marking made in France. Choose from the different categories of items on our website : bag, tote bag or various accessories. Hand-sew a bag or a tote bag in wool, silk or linen using fabrics and thread that you have purchased ? No need with Mon-Totebag !

Zipped pouches​

The zipped pouch or pencil case with zipper is a container generally made of fabric which is used to store and / or transport objects. Zip pouches can be of different materials : cotton, organic cotton, linen, leather, or even wool or silk more rarely. These kits can be of different sizes and different capacities. Mon-Totebag offers you its range of zipped pouches in cotton canvas or organic cotton canvas. Four models are available. First of all, the range of 100% cotton pouches which are three in number. They have a rectangular shape with a different size and capacity for each, from small size to large size. Very practical and useful, these accessories can be used to store all kinds of things but above all to easily transport small objects with you. In a handbag, in a valid or in a sports bag, the pocket can contain your keys, your make-up bag or even your pocket book that you read everywhere ! These 3 cotton zipper pouches are available in natural (off-white), black and navy blue and can be ordered blank or personalized with a nice Made in France print. We have also chosen to select another model of bag with a different shape and above all, which is Organic 100 and GOTS certified because it is 100% organic cotton. Its rounded shape gives it nice softer curves than for other models. You will particularly appreciate its very girly golden zipper as well as its small hanging strap, which will allow you to wear it on your wrist and use it as a handbag during a chic evening This clutch can be a great gift idea for women or even children ! Available in natural (off-white), black or light pink, you will not be disappointed by the palette of colors available. Take advantage of an attractive price and fast and free delivery of your order in France.


Cotton pouches are clearly underrated in our daily lives. A fabric pouch will allow you to store clothes for larger pouches ; or various small objects for smaller formats such as your sewing set with all the spools of thread and the precious label you want to keep. Mon-Totebag offers you no less than six different sizes of fabric pouches, ranging from size XXS for the smallest to size XL for the largest. All our pouches are available in natural color (i.e. off-white) on our website but other colors are available on order if you wish, so black and navy blue. Quickly receive your blank pouch orders, to personalize or not. Enjoy free and fast delivery of your orders thanks to our very responsive team. We offer our items for sale for a single piece or for a large number of pieces so don't hesitate to order whatever number of pieces you need.

Home accessories​

Our house is filled with categories of articles and fabrics of all kinds : silk, wool, linen or more classic natural fabrics. For many people, decorating and painting a room is an essential point. But it's not just that when it comes to interior decoration! Have you thought about personalizing the decoration of your interior with items such as a cushion, a tea towel or baskets ? These small objects may seem trivial but they are not! Painting your room is not everything! Mon-Totebag doesn't only offer blank bags and tote bags. We also offer a Fairtrade certified natural cushion model (fair trade) in 40 x 40 cm. Receive your blank or personalized cushion quickly thanks to a free and fast delivery of your order at Mon-Totebag. A natural tea towel model is also available, as well as storage baskets in two different sizes : medium and large. These baskets are also available in natural but also in two-tone with navy blue or black. No more wasted time in the shop to buy paint for the new decoration of your interior, count on original accessories.

Order in bulk at an attractive price​

Whether you are a company, a shop or an association, save money by ordering fabric items in batches ! If you need large quantities, we offer all our products for sale with decreasing prices and free delivery. Also receive your order very quickly thanks to our responsive team.